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السبت، 4 أبريل، 2015

Simplex Design blog : Tips When Designing Business Logos

Simplex Design blog : Tips When Designing Business Logos

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Tips When Designing Business Logos

Posted: 30 Mar 2015 09:19 AM PDT

Designing a high-quality business logo is truly an art form. When you look at some of the most popular and iconic logos that have been developed over the years, some of the most familiar and internationally recognized designs are artistic masterpieces in their own way. Here are several tips that you should remember when working on your next "masterpiece."

Know the Brand First

Before you can start designing an effective business logo, you need to have a full understanding of the brand that the image will represent. Keep in mind that your logo is a lot more than just a fancy picture featured on professional letterhead and company signs. It is the single design that an entire company (along with their clientele) will look come to know as their identifiable mark.
According to Mashable, the logo has to connect with a specific audience. You need to determine whether or not it should evoke emotion or simply be a utility-driven image. Business logo design by Designhill overall strives to keep the ideology of the brand as a top priority while creating each design draft.

Simplicity Provides a Key Advantage

Simplicity is an art form in itself. Sadly, it seems to be a forgotten art from in the growing world of graphic design. Too many designers complicate their logos and then wonder why their work continually gets rejected by their clients. Keep in mind that a business logo will have to duplicated, printed and used in numerous places – including online websites and printed promotional materials.
The last thing that a company wants is to have a design on their advertising that will confuse and frustrated their ideal customer. Think about some of the most iconic business logos today – Nike's swoosh, Apple's bitten apple, McDonald's golden arches, etc. Although these logos are very simplistic in nature and design, according to Design Shack, they have each made a significant impact on the world of business and withstood the tests of time.

Stay Away from Cliché Concepts

Most artists strive to avoid becoming clichés in their work, especially if they are trying to make their own impact in the graphic design industry. However, it seems almost natural to drift towards using cliché elements in logo designs. Perhaps it is because of the fact that some cliché elements have become viewed as permanent symbols over the years – such as a speech bubble to represent conversations or globes to represent an international concept.
Any of these common elements that seem to pop up in your head automatically because of their familiarity need to be discarded and forgotten immediately, according to CreativeBloq. For example, business logo design by Designhill focuses on finding new ways to express old ideas and concepts within the average logo. Strive to stay as far away from any visual cliché as possible and develop original designs and ideas for your business logos.

Reach Out for Assistance and Support

Never think that you are on an island by yourself when it comes to designing business logos. Thanks to the Internet, there are numerous opportunities for support, assistance and even collaborations available right at your fingertips. Business logo design by Designhill focuses primarily on the power of collaboration.
That is why designers are able to work together on developing new ideas as well as receiving and giving honest feedback and critiques. Having that top of high-quality support and assistance readily available to you can help to mold you into a much better logo designer in time. However, you will never be able to receive those types of benefits without reaching out for help first.

An Overnight Masterpiece is Highly Unlikely

You have a better chance of winning the lottery than you do developing an iconic logo that becomes a timeless classic overnight. Think about the numerous times that some of the most popular logos have been changed completely or even slightly modified over the years. It is important to keep in mind that the success of your logo design has to be able to match the success of the company that it represents in order for it to become iconic.
A successful logo will not go very far with a failing business on the brink of bankruptcy. This is why it is so important to focus on finding satisfaction in your own work and making your clients happy with your designs. Once they select one of your designs to represent their brand, the rest is up to them.

You Can Create a Masterpiece

Whether you realize it or not, you may already have the skillset and creativity needed to develop the next big masterpiece within the expanding art gallery of business logos. However, you need to put these tips into practice and take full advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Even if you create a failed design, it will still put you one step closer to your masterpiece if you learn from it.