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من يرغب في ارسال اي مقال يمكنه المراسله علي الاميل

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الأربعاء، 26 نوفمبر، 2014

Simplex Design blog : Simplex BLG - Free Blogger template, clean and modern

Simplex Design blog : Simplex BLG - Free Blogger template, clean and modern

Link to SimplexDesign - free blogger template

Simplex BLG - Free Blogger template, clean and modern

Posted: 26 Nov 2014 12:30 AM PST

In this post, I would like to show you a new template name Simplex BLG, it's a modern and clearn template, ideal for blogger, writer, which allow readers to focus on content.

Demo | Download

Install instruction

1. Download template file. There are 3 files in package:

  • Simplex BLG.xml : template file
  • menu.txt : code of menu navigation
  • sample data.xml : posts and comments extracted from demo blog to help you test the template.

2. Open template file in a word editor such as Notepad++

3. Most of elements in this template can be edited via widgets. Only the post author biography we must edit directly in template file.

Search for this code in template file "<!--author-->", it will show you where post author bio code is.
And the next step we only need to edit
<div class='post-author'>
         <h4 class='block-heading'><span>About the Author</span></h4>    
         <div class='author-img'>
<img alt='' class='avatar avatar-110 photo' height='110' src=';;r=G' width='110'/>
         <div class='author-text'>
<h4><a href='' rel='author' title=''>Admin</a></h4>
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cotur acing elit. Ut euis eget dolor sit amet congue. Ut vira codo matis. Sed lacia luctus magna ut sodales lorem.</p>
<span class='author-share'>
<a href='#'><i class='fa fa-facebook round-icon'/></a>
<a href='#'><i class='fa fa-twitter round-icon'/></a>
<a href='#'><i class='fa fa-instagram round-icon'/></a>
<a href='#'><i class='fa fa-google-plus round-icon'/></a>
<a href='#'><i class='fa fa-pinterest round-icon'/></a>
<a href=''><i class='fa fa-tumblr round-icon'/></a>
You can edit the code above, and add the link to your social networks accounts.

4. Save template and upload it to Blogger

5. Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Layout tab

6. To edit the header logo

Click on Header widget and upload your logo in widget content. Remember to checked on "instead of title and description"

7. To edit left header banner

You can click on edit link in these widgets and add advertisement code into widget content.

8. To edit right menu and social links

Click on edit link in right header widget

Copy and paste the code in file menu.txt and paste into widget content. After that, change the link to your label and social accounts.

9. To add content to slider widget

Click on edit link in slider widget

Enter the label which you want to show into widget content. For example you want to show posts under label "blog" in slider, just add label "blog" into widget content.

10. There are some existed widgets in sidebar, you can add your own widget or remove them. Most of these widgets are set up, you only need to edit content in text widget.

11. There are 3 widgets in footer, you can edit/add/remove these.
That's all for this simple template. Hope it helpful to you.