من يرغب في ارسال

من يرغب في ارسال اي مقال يمكنه المراسله علي الاميل

عنواين الرئيسيه

كشف حقيقة التربح غير المشروع لجمعيات الاسكان التعاونى وتوظيف الاموال ؟ جمع الاموال لمشروع بناء وهمى على ارض محل نزاع قضائى على الملكيه ؟-رسالة من أحد ضحايا كشف الفساد المالى والإدارى -فراد أسرة النائب العام متوغلون في إدارة شركات مكتظة بالفساد المالي -المهندس شريف سوسة رئيسا لشركة بدر الدين للبترول. -إهدار4 ملايين جنيه بشركة بدر الدين للبترول -فساد بـ4 ملايين جنيه بشركات البترول بمطروح-مذكره التي اثارت غضب بعض الافراد من شركه بدر الدين...

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الاثنين، 2 نوفمبر، 2015

Simplex Design blog : Secure your Kids from Online Dangers

Simplex Design blog : Secure your Kids from Online Dangers

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Secure your Kids from Online Dangers

Posted: 02 Nov 2015 02:04 AM PST

Online dangers are creeping in today's world due to the fact that teens love to spend most of their time on web with their mobiles or laptops. Social media connections have become common and the parents have realized the actual issues it can cause to your children. Your children should not be pressurized by anyone and they should follow the right track to live amazingly. You can guide them with the following points to avoid any issues caused in their lives due to online social media:

1)    Don't Hook up with Strangers

You can tell your children how tough situation it can cause to hook up with strangers. If there is someone willing to meet you personally, you can let your parents know about it on immediate basis.

2)    Private Information Leakage

It is never good to share phone number and address to social media friends very soon. Some of them are predators for teens and exploit them badly. Tell your children not to become prey for such people.

3)    Additions to friend list

The friend list of your teenagers should consist of only known friends and family members. They should avoid strangers to keep safe. Also, they can simply block the accounts of the people about whom they are unaware.

4)    Post Right Pictures

Don't post all kind of pictures on web as some indecent ones can really be wrong for your profile. The kids can post the decent photos appealing everyone.

5)    Don't give unnecessary information everywhere

Your kids should be told to avoid unnecessary forms, questionnaires, surveys or such things on web. Some of these websites are aimed at getting personal info of children to use it for some indifferent purposes.

6)    Nothing is Private

Internet has nothing private and even if you are using the apps like SnapChat, the data can be saved even through such applications.

7)    Password Protection

Teenagers should never share their passwords with anyone, except parents. It can be dangerous to share the passwords with many people.

8)    Don't download everything

There are many ads and files meant for downloading on web and you don't have to download everything as it can be harmful for the system or even your personal information can be hacked.
mSpy can be installed on iPhone or Android based smart devices to get all information about the activities of your children. It is the best way to get all logs and attain every single detail of the mobile usage. Phone spy software is easy to install and gives you all the information about activities of your teenagers.
Parental control is mandatory for teens as they can get towards right moves in their life with good guidance from parents. You can download mSpy and know more about the software in detail.