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من يرغب في ارسال اي مقال يمكنه المراسله علي الاميل

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كشف حقيقة التربح غير المشروع لجمعيات الاسكان التعاونى وتوظيف الاموال ؟ جمع الاموال لمشروع بناء وهمى على ارض محل نزاع قضائى على الملكيه ؟-رسالة من أحد ضحايا كشف الفساد المالى والإدارى -فراد أسرة النائب العام متوغلون في إدارة شركات مكتظة بالفساد المالي -المهندس شريف سوسة رئيسا لشركة بدر الدين للبترول. -إهدار4 ملايين جنيه بشركة بدر الدين للبترول -فساد بـ4 ملايين جنيه بشركات البترول بمطروح-مذكره التي اثارت غضب بعض الافراد من شركه بدر الدين...

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الأحد، 25 يناير، 2015

Simplex Design blog : Today's Bloggers Must Use Mobile Apps

Simplex Design blog : Today's Bloggers Must Use Mobile Apps

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Today's Bloggers Must Use Mobile Apps

Posted: 24 Jan 2015 07:04 PM PST

If you want to make the short list for the Shorty Award for social media's best blogger, you almost have to be mobile. Blogging's not just nerds holed up with a laptop or clunky desktop anymore. Blogging in 2014 is done anywhere, anytime. You must stay connected to your audience like Shorty Award finalist blogger Sophia Abrahao does. She is always on Twitter and in constant contact with her fans and followers. This means, that bloggers need to take advantage of mobile blogging tools. Here are just a few suggestions:

For Capturing Ideas

Bloggers must create content by capturing ideas, trending news and whatever is going to be the next big thing. This requires taking a lot of notes. But, nobody's walking around with a pencil and notebook nowadays. They're more likely carrying the latest smartphone so they can take photos and use apps to capture their ideas and information to use in the next blog post.
  • Tools like Read-It-Later and Instapaper allow busy bloggers to save websites and emails to read later without having to remember website names or chase down a scrap of paper.
  • Evernote and Springpad work along the same lines and also let you sort through your notes.
  • Catch and Trail-Mix let you save images, places, lists and files as well.

For Publishing on the Fly

Busy bloggers aren't in the office creating posts—they're out on the road, at the airport or train station or at the scene of the next big conference or event. They're not sitting at a desk with a computer. They are speaking ideas into their smartphones, rolling out folding keyboards and using their smartphones to publish posts in real time.
WordPress bloggers will want to use the official WordPress mobile app to publish their posts, check stats and monitor page views. This app lets users upload photos right into their posts, moderate comments, draft post ideas and manage multiple sites.
Once they have published their post, bloggers should update their social networks. Buffer, a social sharing scheduler, makes it easy for bloggers to update their social media accounts, especially if they have multiple accounts on the same platform. Buffer enables published posts to be auto-shared or advertised on a set schedule. Additionally, the MailChimp app allows bloggers to access their email lists.

For Using Audio

With audio apps you can publish podcasts, interviews and audio recordings.
  • Soundcloud lets you record your podcast, share it to social networks and post it to your blog.
  • AudioBoo lets you record audio and quickly add it to your blog.
  • Dropvox lets you record interviews and store them in the cloud for editing and sharing later so you don't use all of your phone's storage.
  • TranscribeMe lets users record and transcribe audio at meetings, interviews and speeches for later use.
No matter what your blogging needs are, there is an app out there to help. So, keep creating great content, and you will be on your way to a Shorty Award.